DaleCo, S.P. - the solutions people!

DaleCo, S.P. is a technology consulting business based in Southwest Missouri.   Since 1999, we have helped an unusual variety of customers meet the unique demands of their business through the creative application of technology.  Read more about us here.

Articles and "how to's" for users
We attempt to maintain a somewhat extensive set of articles, documentation, and "helps" for beginning to advanced users of both the Windows® and various "Unix-like" operating systems.

Programming and Design
DaleCo, S.P. is an experienced developer of small-to-medium sized web-based applications, including secure online shopping and payment processing, inventory control and warehousing, and database management.  Web-based solutions are the wave of the future, and we can help you stay on top of the swell!

Web hosting services
Hosting growth continues
Business and organizations are continuing to add their sites to our service.  To find out more about web hosting on our high-availability servers, please contact us.
DaleCo, S.P. ...the solutions people! ... Thanks for visiting our site, and for your continued confidence in the service you receive from DaleCo!

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