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NEW & COOL! MailWasher® lets you preview your email, bounce or delete the spam, and autodeletes viruses BEFORE your mail program downloads the mail!! Better yet, it's totally free!!

We prefer Google® as our search engine, as does most of the world, so we hear tell.

For a great translator, use Babelfish by AltaVista® .  You can enter text copied from the Windows® clipboard or enter the URL of a web page to translate.  Supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and more!!!

You can currently get a FREE (and effective) antivirus solution for the Win32 platform from Grisoft®.  All updates are free, and the scanner employs advanced heuristic scanning techniques and processes both incoming and outgoing email.

My wife's singing group is awesome!

All Windows users should bookmark and USE the Windows Update site.  Of course, it is also available in most Windows versions near the top of the "Start" Menu.

This is HILARIOUS!  TRY it!!

Where do you learn more about "web work"? Try Webmonkey.